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60s fashion show in El Escorial


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On Thursday, 21st of February, 2013 we all met in the gym of the Padre Antonio Soler to see the awesome 60s fashion show, which was organized by the Spanish students and their PE teacher Olga. That morning Marta and Esther undertook the role as presenter and led us through the program. The whole fashion show, which was divided into four subject areas, was accompanied by some fitting music and pictures projected on the wall.
After some nice introducing words on the part of the presenters the first models got on the catwalk and when they started to walk the crowd was clapping enthusiastically. This lively atmosphere kept until the end of the show. The first six models wore colorful clothes, long hair (even the men) and they walked barefoot. Especially the fitting dance moves to the ‘Hippie movement’ filled everyone with enthusiasm.
The theme of the following walk was ‘Party’. Four female models appeared all wearing sleeveless dresses and Javier as the male model who attracted the girls. He played his role as gentleman very convincing and triggered excitement. Moreover the music changed to typical disco music of the 60s.
The next walks were placed under the themes ‘Formal’ and ‘Elegant’. First three models presented their formal dresses and then three couples showed the crowd the elegant fashion of the 60s. And again they came up with a fitting presentation of the dressed and suits. The boys asked the girls for a formal dance. It was fun watching them dance and a great end of the whole show.
All in all, we can say that the fashion show was a raving success. The ten models, two presenters and Olga prepared a felicitous show in which filled the audience with enthusiasm. It was really well worth seeing and especially the supporting show was a highlight at this morning.
Spanish students commenting on their show:
“I think the fashion project was very funny. It was hard work but not too much.” – Marina
“I really enjoyed our catwalk. I had a lot of fun because we had the help of our dancing teacher who works really nice on inventing choreographies. We were a bit stressed at the end, but at last everything happened just like we wanted to. I also learned about fashion in the 60s. We talked about designers of that time. Finally I learned new English vocabulary, too. Especially about textiles. I think fashion shows a lot about people’s thoughts.” – Irene
“I loved working at it, I felt wonderful when I was marching, it was fun. Best of all was looking for clothes of the 60s, we had to go to many stores and talked to our grandmothers, so we got a great costume for the parade.” – Javier

Marta and Esther  lead the audience through the fashion show
The spanish students presented many different looks.
Their performances made the show unforgettable.
Olga did a very good job in organising the show.